Only two candidates to choose from

There is a lack of democracy, justice and unity in the United States.

The choice is limited: Biden or Trump.

People who vote for Joe Biden are choosing a country where citizens co-exist with equal rights. People who vote for Trump are choosing a country where people co-exist but with unequal access to the law. For his voters, Donald Trump, despite all his imperfections, will re-establish in law inequalities considered natural.

From the outset, the United States has been divided into three ideological blocs. An inclusive Northeast, where everyone had equal rights, with a strong welfare state that looked after those most in need. This was hygienism, the “Nanny State”. A libertarian West where people are equal, with the state reduced to a minimum. The value of freedom is essentially linked to private property: I do what I want with what belongs to me. A Southeast with a strong state that interferes in citizens’ private lives and believes that there are natural inequalities. For them, the law must reflect these inequalities.

In 1776, at the time of Independence, the priority of the Founding Fathers was to get rid of the sovereign, the King of England. This oppressor used force. A union was needed to overthrow him. This union was the priority for 150 years. The U.S. Constitution gave citizens rights to please the Northeast (e.g., equality before the law), freedoms to please the West (e.g., having a gun) and inequalities to please the Southeast (e.g., a black man voted 3/4 as much as a white man). A union of states has been created, not a union of peoples.

The states are sovereign, not the people. It’s high time to change this constitution and give democracy to the United States of America.

In the mid-19th century, massive immigration to the United States began. Immigrants arrived in the Northeast, where the Welfare State was in place. They were fleeing autocracies and seeking rights. The Northeast was more populous than the Southeast. Equal rights made the Northeast richer, because it gave anyone the opportunity to contribute to innovation. The North created cotton-picking machines. This challenged slavery in the Southeast. The Southeast took up arms because they rejected these laws considered unnatural. The South thus betrayed the Constitution by rebelling. The American West, which morally condemned the South, made an alliance with the Northeast. The Southeast lost after a terrible war (the Civil War). There was never any justice: there was no act that recognized that the South had done anything unacceptable. There was no moral condemnation. The South-East rewrote history, saying that they were right and that if they hadn’t succeeded it was only a question of strength. They built an imaginary world in which they were victims. The union was lost. There was no democracy: it was a union of states. Each state is represented unequally, not according to population. A citizen’s vote carries more or less weight depending on the state in which he or she votes. Access to the vote differs from one state to another.

What corresponds to the Democrats today is an alliance of the Northeast and the West, which have profound political differences, particularly on the importance and role of the State. The Northeast wants a state that takes care of people’s daily lives, while the West wants a minimalist state. There is no united bloc against the South-East. This confrontation between the ideas of the North and those of the South can be found in every state today. There is now a city (Democrat) versus country (Republican) bloc.

The Trump vote is an originalist vote, i.e. a vote that recognizes inequalities as natural and written in the constitution. Faced with this bloc, a leader who imposes a new constitution to establish true democracy in the United States is needed, who convinces of the importance of equality before the law and who convinces Americans of the importance of unity, it is necessary to live together. Democracy, justice and unity.

Joe Biden is an old man. He doesn’t have the energy for change. The same questions and issues are still there four years after he took office. He needs to retire.

There are many talented Democrats who can bring together the ideologies of the Northeast and the West: California Governor Gavin Newsom or Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, for example.

Trump’s camp stands up with force. We need an energetic leader who knows how to convince.

Rather than opposing two candidates who must bring together different ideologies, a more direct democracy should be introduced so that citizens can express their opinions on a project-by-project basis. When will we see a referendum based on popular initiative, with access to the vote for all, and where every vote counts in the same way?

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