Trump’s shadows

Trump’s shadows

Elections – The Electoral College Was Designed To Prevent Trump. You Can Make This Happen – The Huffington Post:

Elections – What has happened – Status threat, not economic hardship, explains the 2016 presidential vote – Academy of science:

Elections – Recounting a day of rage, hate, violence and death – How a rally of white nationalists and supremacists at the University of Virginia turned into a “tragic, tragic weekend.” – Washington Post:

“Ambition must be made to counteract ambition” – Checks and balances – Wikipedia:

Justice – What is done with efficiency – Special Counsel investigation – Wikipedia :–present)

Justice – Over 100 Charges, 19 People and 3 Companies: The Mueller Inquiry, Explained – NY Times :

Justice – A Higher Loyalty by James Comey – review – The Guardian :

Allied countries – Head of states and International Organisations should react more clearly when Donald Trump Withdraw the United States from international treaties such as the Paris agreement on Climate, NAFTA, UNESCO or the Iran peace treaty.

Allied countries – Donald Trump, Dealbreaker – The Atlantic:

Media – John Oliver’s ‘Donald Drumpf’ jokes play on the same ugly xenophobia Trump does – Washington post :

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All the President’s Men 

Media – What I learned investigating Nixon, and why it matters now – Bob Woodward – TedXMidAtlantic:

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