The visible man – Visible can mean safe and fun

The visible man – Visible can mean safe and fun

85% of accidents on both wheels are caused by motorists who have not seen them. How to be more visible while being safe?

Failing to find a security outfit iridescent like a peacock, my cousin decided to customize his scooter and accessories to be more visible, more his own style.

With what we can find in store, he decorated his scooter as if to promote a circus, he says. Most reflective stickers are not a bundle of laughs. But, by arranging them well, it can be fun… And then, the dark side of the force, gives it a little virility. But the Tinker Bell makes him think he’s driving a scooter for a 14-year-old girl. The Tinker bell inspires  protection because she is always ready to do anything to save Peter Pan; and what’s great, she flies! That’s magic! And what is magical is that thanks to the stickers, the scooter attracts attention and suddenly, it really increases my cousin’s protection.

This is my cousin’s experience:

“When I pass a motor-biker who is on his phone, I double him and he stops immediately to admire me”.

“Now I’ve become very visible even maybe a little too much, everyone is looking at me”

“At the roundabout, motor-bikers are struck by Tinker Bell. Instead of their usual existential question (I leave him the priority even if it is a two-wheeler?), their eyes are sticking on the stickers and I parade like a model on the catwalk.”

“At the office the security guards smile at me and open the barriers in advance, I save time!”

“I’m going to hang out with the same commuters for a long time and they’ll quickly recognize me, remember that I’m respectful of other road users and relax their driving attitude”.

Invisibility Training for Motorcycclists:

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