Secretive energy startup backed by Bill Gates achieves solar breakthrough-CNN:

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This climate problem is bigger than cars and much harder to solve – Vox:

Today, nearly half of the world’s population is considered obese:

Associated pathologies are considered as causes of “preventable” diseases by responsible individuals, which has the effect of distorting the figures, for example by pointing out the risks associated with physical inactivity or tobacco (risks considered preventable) which are actually less polluting than pesticides and fertilizers in food. Is a 7-year-old child in insulin resistance responsible? Aren’t equity portfolio managers who desert a company that fails to achieve profitability over 3 months more responsible? The obesity epidemic began in the United States in the late 1970s and spread to the rest of the world, simultaneously with the use of synthetic fertilizers and the financialization of the economy promoted by the Reagan-Thatcher couple.

Have a look at these graphs: 

Vox : The stunning rise of Obesity in America

Our world in data : Population supported by synthetic fertilizers:

Statista : Des pesticides au petit déjeuner: : Perturbateurs endocriniens le temps de la précaution:

Before 1975, people did not eat light meals and their lifestyle certainly did not change so abruptly in such a short period of time. They ate richer, in greater quantities and there was almost no obesity and did not do that much sport. People are being pointed at for their life choices and food choices, but companies have been freed from their social responsibility.

Capital is so mobile that shareholders may have moved their funds long before a particular food scandal hits a producer. The responsibility of obese people is minimal compared to that of industry, but the power to act is in everyone’s hands: cooking oneself, promoting organic food, boycotting products from stock exchange companies, promoting the citizens’ initiative referendum, the independence of prosecutors and the abolition of high frequency trading.

Je mange bien Je fais du sport Mais les pesticides me dérèglent


According to the latest International Monetary Fund (IMF) report on energy subsidies, “fossil fuels account for 85 percent of all global subsidies,” and reducing these subsidies “would have lowered global carbon emissions by 28 percent and fossil fuel air pollution deaths by 46 percent, and increased government revenue by 3.8 percent of GDP.”

– Global Fossil Fuel Subsidies Remain Large: An Update Based on Country-Level Estimates | International Monetary Fund (IMF):

We all pay fossil fuels twice. Not only people and companies pay a high levy when refuelling, but as taxpayers their money massively funds intermediaries, corruption, regime destabilizations and even oil wars.

– The oil wars: How America’s energy obsession wrecked the Middle East | Eugene Gholz

– Basic guide to corruption and anti-corruption in oil, gas, and mining sectors

– If the world ran on sun, it wouldn’t fight over oil | Bill McKibben  | The Guardian:

– FossilFuel  big five ‘spent €251m lobbying EU’ since 2010 | Business | The Guardian :

Climate activists Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot as well as many others, including the Gordon Moore institute, promote a three-point approach to solve the climate change emergency: protect, vote, fund.

Nature Now:

Regarding the fund approach, diverting only 10% of the fossil fuel subsidies would finance the transition to renewable energies and make them economically more interesting for consumers.

– Just 10% of fossil fuel subsidy cash ‘could pay for green transition’| The Guardian:

– 5 Reasons to Stop Fossil Fuel Subsidies:

– Energy storage could help put more wind and solar on the grid

– Insight from Brussels: Taxing times for diesel in Europe – S&P Global:

Check out what I found in NASAWorldview : Satellite view of the evolution of fires around the world July-August 2019:



UnitedNations: Protection of Global Natural Resources – Sign the Petition “Protection of the Amazon”!:


Check out the UNenvironment program:


On the agenda, the UN Climate Action summit on 23 September 2019.

UN must intervene with the blue helmets for peacekeeping and protection of nature.

Meat and environment, is that possible?

No, if meat is responsible for the current pollution, it does not mean that we should stop eating meat.

There will always be meat (old hens, cows, etc.) because without it, we would have to produce much more fruit and vegetables to provide the protein we need.
On the other hand, it is possible to eat less meat and only meat that is produced in a much more environmentally friendly production system. Cattle, in particular, can find grass in marginal pastures (roadsides, embankments, mountains, waste, etc.) without having to gain land on agricultural and forest land (corn, wheat, etc.).
Livestock is not the result of natural selection but of human selection. Species are selected for particular conditions (disease resistance for example) but they can also be selected according to environmental criteria (a cow that metabolizes grass better and produces less CO2). 28% of animal pollution is related to the control of diseases due to their concentration.

There is a huge margin for reducing pollution (CO2 and methane) by changing production methods (breeding and animal selection). “For example, in Japan, 52% of waste from the food industry is now used as livestock feed, thanks to adequate policies and a certification system” (FAO).

Livestock solutions for climate change – FAO:

Veggieworld: Why eating greens won’t save the planet | New Scientist:

En Français dans Courrier International, Renoncer à la viande est une fausse bonne idée:

Livestock and landscapes – FAO:

CETA is a democratic crime because it allows Canada to sell products in Europe that do not respect the environment, workers and consumers. This is unfair to European workers who are bound by standards. It is up to Europe and North America to adapt and adopt a more environmentally friendly industry because, in addition, they alone account for half of the world’s pollution.

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How to green the world’s deserts and reverse ClimateChange | Allan Savory | TEDTalks:  

CO2 Global World Atlas – greenhouse gases data:

CETA threatens food safety even before national parliaments sign off – Green Peace:

French parliament approves controversial EU-Canada trade deal CETA:

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Sun Cream

Différences entre écran solaire minéral et filtre UV chimique – ecocentric:

Hawaii approves sunscreen ban in an effort to save coral reefs – TreeHugger:

Which sunscreen should you choose? – Mary Poffenroth – Ted ed:

To check if your sunscreen is good for your health and the environment:

– Cosmetics Database | EWG:

Comparatif Substances toxiques dans les cosmétiques – Que choisir:

For more complex info:

OMS | Rapport historique sur les effets pour l’homme de l’exposition aux perturbateurs endocriniens chimiques:

Cahier de vacances. La crème solaire- franceinfotv:[autres]-

For more info related to healthy tanning:



“Look back and take a picture of the Earth”,
Carl Sagan told the Apollo 17 astronauts
Who were oriented towards space
Photographing distant planets and stars.

“Turn back, there’s no need to look to the future!”
When, for the first time,
Humans cause disasters
At the magnitude of natural disasters,
You chose not to look  at it.
Anyway, you’ll be dead
When that happens….
You treat the Earth like garbage
And you’re looking for another liveable planet
To destroy.

You’re my grandmother,
And you’re dead,
Before disasters.

I’m still alive.
But the Earth is dying.
The emergency is now!
Sled dogs have their feet in the water;
The heat wave of the Sahara travels in a whirlwind.

So, now,
It’s time to be honourable!
Let’s turn around,
Let’s protect ourselves,
Get back to power
To tackle to the powerful
Who continue to destroy
For their sole profit.

Build a future
Democratic and ecological
In everyone’s interest.

Aurianne Or

Photo des chiens de traîneaux, Steffen Malskaer Olsen – France info :

La Chine ne veut plus être la poubelle du monde – Courrier International:

The Green New Deal, explained


Cosmos, Carl Sagan


  • “The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.“— Mahatma Gandhi