Black green red blue

Their black eyes, my black rings,
Green with rage,
She hit them again.
He had another tantrum.
Calm down, you’re bright red.
Give me a hug, a little less abrupt,
I don’t want to have blue bruises.

Everyone has their own opinion
Benevolent or not,
On children with special needs.
« Honey, don’t play with them, you’ll scare them. »
« No, don’t invite this one, she’s too difficult. »
« He’s the terror of the class. »
« The neighbour can no longer go to the park, her son throws sand in the eyes of the other children. »
« No, sorry, find another hairdresser. I don’t want to cut off his ear. »
« Why do you buy everything on the Internet? »
« It will pass with age. »
« You have to be very firm, to set strict boundaries, even when they are very young. »
« He attempted suicide, can you believe it, he is 12 years old? »
« They must be exorcised. »
« Can you leave work to go to the meeting? This is important. »
« You’re on the verge of burnout. Work stress is combined with stress at home. »

What about the experts? Their opinion?
« Well, it’s been two years now that we’ve been seeing each other on a weekly basis, now he’s gotten used to me; he’s playing with the toys in the office. »
The least we can say is that he is shy…
« You know, there are two out of three who don’t make it and end up in alcohol or worse. And, what do you think we should do? »

Yes to open science,
Yes to better training and specialization of doctors,
Yes to the popularization of medical knowledge,
Yes to individual and accessible special education,
Yes to the universal basic income, to reduce everyone’s stress and reduce mental collapse.
Yes to the support of children and parents.

Aurianne Or

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