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  • Cancer, give people a fighting chance

    Cancer, give people a fighting chance

    The cells of the human body have a life span of 2 weeks to 15 years. To ensure the continuity of the human body, they duplicate and then die. This is written into the DNA. Hormones trigger DNA functions. There are a hundred thousand billion cells in the human body. Every day, 50 billion cells…

  • Sun Cream

    Sun Cream

    Sun Cream Différences entre écran solaire minéral et filtre UV chimique – ecocentric: https://www.ecocentric.fr/blog/index/billet/14446_filtres-solaires-nanos   Hawaii approves sunscreen ban in an effort to save coral reefs – TreeHugger: https://www.treehugger.com/ocean-conservation/hawaii-approves-sunscreen-ban-effort-save-coral-reefs.html La crème solaire est-elle vraiment efficace ?: https://youtu.be/LF6qK6j3vco Which sunscreen should you choose? – Mary Poffenroth – Ted ed: https://youtu.be/JX8rv_natkw To check if your sunscreen is…

  • Healthy Tan

    Healthy Tan

    Environment Health Perspective – Sunscreens damage coral: http://www.sehn.org/tccpdf/sunscreens%20damage%20coral.pdf Consommons sainement: https://consommonssainement.com/2016/12/10/alternative-naturelle-cremes-hydratantes/ Consoglobe: https://www.consoglobe.com/tout-sur-la-creme-solaire-cg France Nature environnement: https://www.fne.asso.fr/com/santa/page_eau_a26.pdf Collectif des Associations de Défense de l’Environnement du Pays-Basque et du sud des Landes: https://www.cade-environnement.org/2017/06/26/eau-et-nanoparticules-un-risque-emergent/ Comment utiliser l’aloe véra – Doctissimo: https://youtu.be/KjjaPNvNx_U