Finance & Obesity

Today, nearly half of the world’s population is considered obese:

Associated pathologies are considered as causes of “preventable” diseases by responsible individuals, which has the effect of distorting the figures, for example by pointing out the risks associated with physical inactivity or tobacco (risks considered preventable) which are actually less polluting than pesticides and fertilizers in food. Is a 7-year-old child in insulin resistance responsible? Aren’t equity portfolio managers who desert a company that fails to achieve profitability over 3 months more responsible? The obesity epidemic began in the United States in the late 1970s and spread to the rest of the world, simultaneously with the use of synthetic fertilizers and the financialization of the economy promoted by the Reagan-Thatcher couple.

Have a look at these graphs: 

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Before 1975, people did not eat light meals and their lifestyle certainly did not change so abruptly in such a short period of time. They ate richer, in greater quantities and there was almost no obesity and did not do that much sport. People are being pointed at for their life choices and food choices, but companies have been freed from their social responsibility.

Capital is so mobile that shareholders may have moved their funds long before a particular food scandal hits a producer. The responsibility of obese people is minimal compared to that of industry, but the power to act is in everyone’s hands: cooking oneself, promoting organic food, boycotting products from stock exchange companies, promoting the citizens’ initiative referendum, the independence of prosecutors and the abolition of high frequency trading.

Why are Americans so sick? Researchers point to middle grocery aisles.- The Harvard Gazette:

Je mange bien Je fais du sport Mais les pesticides me dérèglent

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