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I’ve never worn a Yellow Vest

Souhaitons bonne route aux gilets jaunes:

Wishing a safe journey to the Yellow Vests:

La situation des gilets jaunes aujourd’hui:

The situation of Yellow Vests today:

Homeless, pensions, maximum salary… Discover the list of claims of the “yellow vests”:

Zéro SDF, retraites, salaire maximum… Découvrez la liste des revendications des “gilets jaunes”:éro-sdf-retraites-salaire-maximum-découvrez

Only 4,600 exhausted police officers to supervise the demonstrators:

4 600 policiers exténués pour encadrer les manifestants:énués-pour-encadrer-les

Vème République, toujours là…:ème-république-toujours-là-to-read-this-in

Oui au référendum d’initiative populaireéférendum-dinitiative-populaire-sur-le

Translations in 23 languages: popular initiative referendum and the UN – Please Promote this petition: via @Change

The above video is dated May 1, 2018

Before the Yellow Vests, the planned attack

Under Nicolas Sarkozy, there was already the promotion of violent police officers such as Didier Andrieux for example.

He had already been reported by his police colleagues:

The Parisian reports: “After several group meetings or command meetings, we noticed behavioural problems on the part of our department head. On December 20, 2007, a dozen police officers from the Groupe d’intervention de la police nationale (GIPN) in Marseille, including the second in the service, used an “information report” to denounce the abuses of their boss.
… Didier Andrieux was promoted to Commander and received the Legion of Honour while his colleagues were transferred to the brigade of their choice to buy their silence, despite his dismissal and his sanction “the most serious ever pronounced against a chargé de mission working at the Elysée”. “This is an injustice. We were humiliated, sacrificed while Didier Andrieux, thanks to his networks and his interpersonal skills, came out from above,” explains the former police officer who is now retired:

This phenomenon has intensified since the election of Emmanuel Macron, who promotes, gets elected as a member of Parliament and is surrounded by violent agents:

In this video by Le Monde, you can see a civilian, Alexandre Benalla, engaging in gratuitous violence while police officers push away passers-by to leave the field clear for him. This happened on May 1, 2018, during a demonstration of exemplary pacifism and well before the protests, demands and demonstrations of the population and then the Yellow Vests:

The latest video shows that police commander Didier Andrieux started again on January 5, 2019 in Toulon during a yellow vest parade:

Those who only claim to react to the demonstrators had prepared the chain of violence long before.

Didier Andrieux and Alexandre Benalla are far from being the only ones in this situation. The police systematically promoted the most violent and unethical people long before the start of the Yellow Vests’ actions.

It is clear that it was the Elysée that orchestrated the violence. There is even an extremely violent member of Parliament. Le Figaro:

Since the outbreak of the Yellow Vests movement, images of police officers attacking non-aggressive people who do not even have the care to defend themselves have been spreading on the Internet. Those who accuse the Yellow Vests will find few examples to illustrate their point.

So yes, the movement is pacifist. But when you are attacked like this, it is normal to defend yourself!

Those who make a peaceful revolution impossible will make a violent revolution inevitable.


Some images of the unacceptable behaviour of some police officers:

Translated with

Proof that we know not to fight when the force is illegitimate:

Petition to the UN in accordance with the sustainable development objective n°16 “peace, justice and strong institutions” ( …), for the Popular Initiative Referendum: sign here: and forward it to your friends.

The reds and yellows:

Extended hand:

The economic lever:économique-charles-stewart-parnell?is_related_post=1

4600 exhausted police officers:

SOS Democracy, Police, Army:ée-manif-des-policiers-je-suis-gilet

L’ONU interdit à la France l’usage des grenades et lanceurs de balles car cette violence d’Etat dissuade les gens de manifester pacifiquement.

Rights of ‘gilets jaunes’ protesters in France, ‘disproportionately curtailed’, say UN independent experts | UN News

My hormones want admiration

I want to shine
I’m becoming a knight
And put on the shining armor
Of the order of Malta
I’m fighting
Against the infidels

I want to shine
I am an artist
The flamboyant colours
Are my allies
At the Court of Medicis
Against the infidels

I want to shine
I am Conquistador
As long as the gold shines
In the eyes of my friends
I take everything from the infidels

I want to shine
I am a pastor
And frequent the nobles
Who dazzle audiences
And unwelcome infidels

I want to shine
I’m in finance
Like the bull on Wall Street
With a high gloss bronze finish
I charge
The roundabouts with my imposing car
I’m imposing with
My real estate portfolio
Which makes you guess my banknotes

I want to shine
I’m becoming a yellow vest
I am the reflective hero
No need for a clan
The fearless little girl
Holds out her hand
To the believes and to the infidels
Who take her on their selfie
The bull is in the background

My rebellious enterprise
Now defends ethics
Everyone admires me now
That I defend a just cause

Aurianne Or

Tapie soutient les Gilets jaunes et tacle Macron : “Tu sais pas tout, mon pote” – LCI:

Fearless girl:

The Trouble with Testosterone and Other Essays on the Biology of the Human Predicament – Robert M. Sapolsky:

Aguirre, the Wrath of God:

Gold – el poder de la ambición:

Wall Street (1987) – Create:

Fiddler on the roof

Golden Rivers and Freedom wars:


Pour lire ceci en français:


Sachez bien une chose

Ce mouvement des gilets jaunes est sûrement l’une des dernières révoltes populaires de masse possible en France. Dans les prochaines année l’intelligence artificielle, la reconnaissance faciale, les techniques de maintien de l’ordre et de surveillance empêcheront les peuples de se soulever. Pensez-y avant de raccrocher le gilet.

I want you to know one thing.This movement of yellow vests is surely one of the last possible popular mass revolts in France. In the coming years, artificial intelligence, facial recognition, policing and surveillance techniques will prevent people from rising up. Think about that before you hang up the vest.


Red Cross: Machines can’t follow the rules of war. Only humans can:

Squeezie – Les robots vont-ils dominer le monde?

David Bowie – Space Oddity:

Pétition à l’ONU conformément à l’objectif de développement durable n°16 “paix, justice et institutions fortes”( …), pour le Référendum d’Initiative populaire: signez ici:

et transmettez-la à vos amis.

L’ONU interdit à la France l’usage des grenades et lanceurs de balles car cette violence d’Etat dissuade les gens de manifester pacifiquement.
Rights of ‘gilets jaunes’ protesters in France, ‘disproportionately curtailed’, say UN independent experts | UN News

The leader? WE

The government is trying to impose leaders on yellow vests that do not want them:

Fly Rider
Jacline Mouraud
Priscillia Ludosky
Etienne Chouard

It is quite clear that the government is trying to make Eric Drouet a martyr.

After his first arrest, several petitions to free him were circulated:

like this one:érer-eric-drouet

They have been signed by thousands of people.

He was arrested a second time when he came with a dozen friends, without yellow vests, to place a candle at the Concorde in memory of the dead since the beginning of the movement.

The atmosphere was calm. Here is the Concorde a few minutes before his arrest:

Here are the images of his second arrest:
and his indictment:
Mélanchon is the first to have reacted on france info. He would be happy to be the leader the government is looking for.

Of course we must defend Eric Drouet but without dispersing ourselves. The goal is not to prevent the government from making arrests, it is stronger at this game. The aim is to defend democracy.

Let us not lose focus by focusing on people, that is exactly what the government wants. Let us continue to defend the ideas that bring us together. The Popular Initiative is what the yellow vests want to talk about and that is what they must talk about despite the government’s provocations.

“For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.“ Sun Tzu –  The Art of War

The reds and the yellows:

4600 police officers exhausted to supervise the demonstrators:

Petition to the UN for the Popular Initiative Referendum in accordance with Sustainable Development Goal 16 "Peace, justice and strong institutions” (, for the referendum on the Citizenship Initiative: sign here: via Change and pass on to your friends:-)

Yes to the referendum on popular initiative:éférendum-dinitiative-populaire-pétition

Tomorrow – Chapter 3: The Economy:

Successful protesters:


Wishing a safe journey to the yellow vests:

The situation of yellow vests on 25 November:

The economic lever:économique-charles-stewart-parnell

What kind of democracy do we want?:

How to launch a popular initiative:

Pour lire ceci en français:

L’ONU interdit à la France l’usage des grenades et lanceurs de balles car cette violence d’Etat dissuade les gens de manifester pacifiquement.

Rights of ‘gilets jaunes’ protesters in France, ‘disproportionately curtailed’, say UN independent experts | UN News

Successful protesters

Let’s have a quick look back at the first four weeks of Yellow Vests protests and what they have already obtained:

·        Fuel tax hike abandoned

·        Pensioner’s tax hike abandoned

·         Rise of the minimal wage

·         The government considering the idea of implementing popular initiative vote in the constitution

·         75% approval from the population after their 5th week of action

It may seem little to many French people, but remember this year’s four month of traditional hard rail strikes did not obtain a single thing but they have lost four months of salary. And it’s been like this for decades. Despite what the vast majority of media report about this movement, it is not about setting Paris monuments on fire. So far we can learn a lot from the Yellow Vests’ successful methods:

– The Yellow Vests have no representatives, no head to corrupt or to put in jail. The movement uses a multitude of social media platforms to coordinate local groups. Thinkers feed this network and, thanks to the internet, ideas and opinions are debated within a matter of hours. The Yellow Vests achieved efficiency without centralized authority.

– Their organization is highly flexible and reactive. Although the movement started against a fuel tax hike, the idea that direct democracy was the solution became prominent in less than a week. Another example is how quick they asked people to stop reacting to violence by violence between December 8th and 15th as soon as the people realised it was counter-productive and far from their goal.

– Yellow Vests do not focus on the capital city although this is the visible part in the media. They consider it would be giving too much importance to the head of state while they promote the idea of power coming from the people.

– They focus their efforts against the economic interests of those who command the government rather than symbols of power. So far by opening highway tolls, Vinci admitted suffering dozens of millions of loss and their shareholders are now panicking. The national confederation of big retailers are alarmed by 40% sales loss before Christmas. The political elites sure don’t listen to the streets but they sure consider these alarms coming from the conglomerates who finance their way of life.

This isn’t all new, most of it has been not only thought trough but also employed in the past, notably by Charles Stewart Parnell (Boycott and Gandhi (Salt march

The economic leveréconomique-charles-stewart-parnell

Petition to the UN for Popular Initiative: Sign here: and then forward it!

University of Kansas – Conducting a Direct Action Campaign | Section 17. Organizing a Boycott | Main Section | Community Tool Box:

History of Successful Boycotts | Ethical Consumer:

Gilets jaunes : le chiffre d’affaires de la grande distribution en forte baisse – Le Journal du Dimanche:

“Gilets jaunes”: Vinci autoroutes déplore “plusieurs dizaines de millions

– Zone bourse:

France. La police doit cesser de recourir à une force excessive contre les manifestants et les lycéens  – Amnesty:

Yellow vests referendum initiative can be ‘good instrument in Democracy’: French PM – The Nation:

The situation of the Yellow Vests on Nov 25th:

Popular Initiative

Referendum is a weapon that kills violenceéférendum-est-une-arme-qui-tue-la-violence-oui

Vth Republic, still there

V for Vendetta – MovieReview  ChrisStuckmann:

Go, Go, Go!

Thank you for opening the town halls for complaints, more than a step before opening them for the referendums.

Operation “open town halls” on Saturday, December the 8th: “In this troubled period, mayors can connect citizens and the State”:

Kneeling protester: A new symbol of the YellowVests? | RT:

Les GiletsJaunes se mettent à genoux en soutien aux 151 lycéens arrêtés à Mantes-La-Jolie | lesoir Belgique:

Gilets Jaunes Coordination (Serveur Discord):

Vth Republic, still there…

Pour lire ceci en français:ème-république-toujours-là-oui-au-référendum

Oui au Référendum d’initiative populaire:éférendum-dinitiative-populaire-sur-le

Wishing a safe journey to the Yellow Vests:

The situation of Yellow Vests today:

Homeless, pensions, maximum salary… Discover the list of claims of the “yellow vests”:éro SDF, retraites, salaire maximum… Découvrez la liste des revendications des “gilets jaunes”:éro-sdf-retraites-salaire-maximum-découvrez

Only 4,600 exhausted police officers to supervise the demonstrators:

Gilets Jaunes Coordination (Serveur Discord):