My hormones want admiration

My hormones want admiration

I want to shine
I’m becoming a knight
And put on the shining armor
Of the order of Malta
I’m fighting
Against the infidels

I want to shine
I am an artist
The flamboyant colours
Are my allies
At the Court of Medicis
Against the infidels

I want to shine
I am Conquistador
As long as the gold shines
In the eyes of my friends
I take everything from the infidels

I want to shine
I am a pastor
And frequent the nobles
Who dazzle audiences
And unwelcome infidels

I want to shine
I’m in finance
Like the bull on Wall Street
With a high gloss bronze finish
I charge
The roundabouts with my imposing car
I’m imposing with
My real estate portfolio
Which makes you guess my banknotes

I want to shine
I’m becoming a yellow vest
I am the reflective hero
No need for a clan
The fearless little girl
Holds out her hand
To the believes and to the infidels
Who take her on their selfie
The bull is in the background

My rebellious enterprise
Now defends ethics
Everyone admires me now
That I defend a just cause

Aurianne Or

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Aurianne Or by Aurianne Or is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0