Retirement pensions

Why should we pay pensions higher than average incomes to people who have earned their money by polluting without any solidarity with the rest of the people or with future generations (oil, nuclear, pharmaceutical industries, banks, etc.)?

If they earned more than the average salary when they were working, they were able to invest their money and benefit from it when they retired.

Why not opt for an unconditional / universal basic income with good health insurance that all citizens would receive, whatever their age? Then everyone would have their own strategy for increasing their income. In a rich country, there’s no reason why people shouldn’t be able to feed themselves, treat themselves and eat with dignity (organic permaculture). Most of the poorest people are under 30. On the other hand, people who live in extreme poverty are over 60.

Why should elderly people be more deserving than people who devote themselves to their loved ones, to art, to social links, or than unemployed people who refuse to do unworthy work? What about the over-55s who no-one wants to work with and who are not yet old enough to retire? 73% of people receiving the minimum old-age pension are women. Prices are doubling every ten years, so pensioners no longer have enough to live on. As women live longer, they find themselves in poverty. We should abolish pensions, family allowances, the minimum income allowance (RSA), unemployment benefits, student grants and all the civil servants who manage them and who cost society so much, and introduce an unconditional universal basic income.

La retraite, miroir grossissant des inégalités entre les hommes et les femmes – CFDT: https://www.cfdt-retraité

The richest 5% earn more than the other 50%. They are the ones who should pay, they are the ones who are not taxed.

We have to stop always taxing the same people, i.e. workers and companies. We need to tax those who own and inherit the country’s wealth.

En France, l’inégalité face au patrimoine se maintient, 10% des ménages possèdent 54% des richesses – La Tribune:

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