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Ce mouvement des gilets jaunes est sûrement l’une des dernières révoltes populaires de masse possible en France. Dans les prochaines année l’intelligence artificielle, la reconnaissance faciale, les techniques de maintien de l’ordre et de surveillance empêcheront les peuples de se soulever. Pensez-y avant de raccrocher le gilet.

I want you to know one thing.This movement of yellow vests is surely one of the last possible popular mass revolts in France. In the coming years, artificial intelligence, facial recognition, policing and surveillance techniques will prevent people from rising up. Think about that before you hang up the vest.


Red Cross: Machines can’t follow the rules of war. Only humans can:

Squeezie – Les robots vont-ils dominer le monde?

David Bowie – Space Oddity:

Pétition à l’ONU conformément à l’objectif de développement durable n°16 “paix, justice et institutions fortes”( …), pour le Référendum d’Initiative populaire: signez ici:

et transmettez-la à vos amis.

L’ONU interdit à la France l’usage des grenades et lanceurs de balles car cette violence d’Etat dissuade les gens de manifester pacifiquement.
Rights of ‘gilets jaunes’ protesters in France, ‘disproportionately curtailed’, say UN independent experts | UN News

Petição à ONU de acordo com o Objectivo de Desenvolvimento Sustentável 16 “Paz, Justiça e Instituições Fortes” (, para o Referendo da Iniciativa de Cidadania: assina aqui e enviá-lo aos seus amigos :-): via Change

Super Tomato

A long time ago, my flatmate used to bring these jars of tomato sauce that were so delicious. They came from her Sicilian grand-mother and my flatmate used to say: “I don’t understand why people buy it; it is so easy to make. You just cook the tomatoes in a big pan. You put the hot sauce in a jar and turn it upside down, that’s it.” It took me time to follow the instructions but when I finally did, I was convinced.

You can use any variety of tomatoes but the higher the quality of the ingredients, the better the dish will be for your taste and health. So choose your products well. (from your personal garden or the market,  preferably organic).

You can add whatever you like: rosemary, thyme, pepper, stalk celery, half a carrot, etc.

You can use it on pasta or rice or even use it for another recipe. Enjoy!

Healthy Soda

Half a lemon juice + 1 liter of water = ça mousse (foam)

You can also add slices of fresh ginger roots and add them to this drink.  You can also make variations to this recipe: it works with oranges, strawberries, grapefruits or anything you like.

The Guardian – Grandma’s all-natural recipes: when life gives you lemons, preserve them:


Ginger and Lemon sparkling water.


You can also squeeze the juice of the half lemon directly into the glass of sparkling water.

Pour lire ceci en français, cliquez ici:

– Coffee Invitation:

Golden chicken

1) The success of this dish depends on the quality of the ingredients (as is the case of many other dishes …). Buy an organic farm chicken (or red label) and good quality vegetables (garden, farm, organic, AMAPs, etc.). If the vegetables are local or seasonal, it’s even better 😉

2) Buy a gold watch to measure cooking times. Oh no, not worth it, everything must be done by eyesight! Preheat the oven to 350 F (180 °C) instead.

3) Take the baking tray from your oven. Wash and cut into pieces the vegetables you have chosen (onions, carrots, peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes, lemons, olives, etc.). Spread them on the baking tray.

4) Pour a glass of water over the vegetables and a generous drizzle of olive oil over the chicken.

5) Season according to your tastes directly on the chicken: salt, pepper, garlic, herbs of Provence, ginger, curry or others; then put pieces of butter (salted or sweet according to the tastes) on the chicken between the thighs and on the back, wherever it does hold, (see photo at the top right).

6) Bake.

7) Every half hour, turn the chicken upside down and all the vegetables and check that there is enough liquid (to prevent it from burning). The cooking time depends on the size of the chicken and the amount of vegetables. The chickens in the photo have cooked about 2 hours.

8) The chicken is cooked when it says cui-cui; Oh no, when it’s when it’s golden!

To quote a Thai friend: “How do you manage to have a chicken that does not taste … We use chicken to give flavor to our dishes”.

So, do not hesitate to use the carcass and put it in water to cook pasta, for example or to make broth.

Miss Terra cheers me up

Tira = terra = earth, soil -> Tiarra / Misu = sublime / minus  ->  Miss

“Tiramisù” comes from the Venetian tiramesù [tirameˈsu], meaning “pick me up”, “cheer me up” or “lift me up”

Miss Terra – Wikipedia:


1) Mix three egg yolks and 75g of sugar until the mixture whitens. Add 250g of mascarpone. Mix well. Add two teaspoons of orange blossom water. Add to the mixture three stiffly whipped egg whites.

2) Dip the lady fingers biscuits into strong coffee that has cooled down, but without having them “too wet”. Arrange them as you go in the bottom of a dish. Pour over half of the mascarpone mixture. Sprinkle with cocoa.

3) Repeat step 2.

4) Leave in the fridge for a few hours.

Bon appétit !

The higher the quality of the ingredients, the better the dish will be for your taste and health. So choose your products well; (from your personal garden or the market,  preferably organic).

Ton/Ta Jean/Jeans/Gin Tagine/Tajine??? What’s this language!

The better the quality of the products, the better the recipe to taste and for health. It is better to choose the right products: garden, A.M.A.P., market, craftsman, etc. preferably organic.

Choose ingredients that go together: read tagine recipes and follow your inspiration.

Cut the onions and fry them gently in olive oil in the electric tagine. Add Salt.

Brown the pieces of meat (or not if you make a vegetarian dish).

Add a little butter and the spices of your choice (ginger, garlic, saffron, parsley, coriander, etc.). Mix well.

Add the vegetables, with or without potatoes, cut into pieces and, possibly, dried fruits (grapes, almonds, prunes, apricots, etc.)

Pour  ½ glass of water approximately. Cover.

Cook for at least an hour and as long as possible over very low heat.

If you wish, add cpreserved lemons and olives for the last 15 minutes.


Denim – Wikipedia:

Tajine -Wikipedia:

How to make the perfect chicken tagine – Felicity Cloake – The Guardian:

Jamie’s Moroccan Beef Tagine:

Empanada franco-gallega

Soy francés. Ni siquiera tengo doble nacionalidad. Y, sin embargo, la empanada gallega tiene una significación muy especial para mí. Este es el plato de mi infancia. El que siempre cocinaba mi abuela para nuestra llegada a Galicia. Ella lo cocinó una segunda vez por placer y una tercera vez para comer en el bús que nos llevaría de regreso a Francia. Cuando era joven, cocinaba para mi abuelo cuando se fue por el mar para pescar bacalao.

Hubo un concurso de empanadas en el parque más cercano a su casa; algunos las hicieron en la forma de una casa o barco. Un jurado eligió la mejor empanada, entonces la audiencia pudo probar las diferentes empanadas de bacalao, por supuesto. También hubo demostraciones tradicionales de danza y música, que me gustaron mucho, pero el resto de la familia se centró más en su estómago.
Cada año, descubrimos que la de la abuela era más rica que los del concurso, pero ella siempre se negó a participar en el concurso porque su horno no era suficientemente grande.

Tan pronto como tuve la edad suficiente para cocinar, quería saber cómo cocinar la famosa. No entendí todo lo que mi abuela me contó en una mezcla de gallego y español, ya que no sabía la diferencia entre las dos lenguas, y mi español era demasiado liviano para entender la traducción de mi tía quien daba un nombre alucinando de instrucciones a toda velocidad. Mi abuelita y mi tía fueron demasiado rápido, sin medir nada, sin pesar nada. Todo se hizo a la vista y, lo que era más importante, en grandes cantidades. Me explicaron en los más detalles de esta parte de la receta y luego me dijeron que me vaya el tiempo que la masa sube y cuando volví, todo estaba listo para ir al horno.

Con los años, la empanadita tradicional de bacalao se ha convertido en una empanada de atún. Ahora que es mi tía quien lo cocina, inevitablemente. Pero con el atún, ella prefiere. Ella dice que la receta es la misma para el atún o el bacalao.

Nunca logré hacer lo mismo. Pero después de todo, eso es cocinar y ese es también lo que es un intercambio cultural. Os doy aquí la receta a la que llegué al final de todos estos años. La expresión casera aquí toma toda su significación. Esta receta no es auténtica, pero es mía y siempre lo hago con gran cariño, en cantidades francesas y pensando en mi familia gallega. Y mi esposo prefiere la mía; incluso cuando vayamos a Galicia
Después de todo, cocinar es sobre todo una gran historia de amor.

Franco, el gallego:

Historia de Galicia:

Hamlet Omelet

You can cook oignons and tomatoes (or any other vegetables) on a low heat in the pan before pouring the eggs.

– How To – make an omelette, from ‘Jamie Does…’: As with all very simple things, the omelette has attracted a certain mystique amongst those convinced that there must be more to it than meets the eye. In the titular essay from the collected short works of Elizabeth David, An Omelette and a Glass of Wine, the ‘awful genius’ of post-war food writing tells of a certain Madame Poularde, celebrated throughout France for her omelettes.

The gourmands of France slathered over her light and fluffy creations, and indulged themselves with endless speculation as to her secret:

“She mixed water with the eggs, one writer would say, she added cream asserted another, she had a specially made pan said a third, she reared a special breed of hens unknown to the rest of France claimed a fourth. Before long, recipes for the omelette de la mère Poulard began to appear in magazines and cookery books. Some of these recipes were very much on the fanciful side. One I have seen even goes so far to suggest she put foie gras into the omelette.”

Finally, David writes, someone saw fit to ask Madame herself for her recipe. “I break some good eggs into a bowl, I beat them well, I put in a good piece of butter in the pan. I throw the eggs into it and I shake it constantly. I am happy, monsieur, if this recipe pleases you.”

– Les Nuls – Omelette:

– Hamlet, William Shakespeare: (All the eggs are broken at the end).

– No, it is not what you will have on the head after the shampoo, you just need to rinse your hair with chilly water: -dune-to-wookie

– And what about eating chicken?: Rotten S01E04:  

– En français:à-feu-doux

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