Hamlet Omelet

You can cook oignons and tomatoes (or any other vegetables) on a low heat in the pan before pouring the eggs.

– How To – make an omelette, from ‘Jamie Does…’: As with all very simple things, the omelette has attracted a certain mystique amongst those convinced that there must be more to it than meets the eye. In the titular essay from the collected short works of Elizabeth David, An Omelette and a Glass of Wine, the ‘awful genius’ of post-war food writing tells of a certain Madame Poularde, celebrated throughout France for her omelettes.

The gourmands of France slathered over her light and fluffy creations, and indulged themselves with endless speculation as to her secret:

“She mixed water with the eggs, one writer would say, she added cream asserted another, she had a specially made pan said a third, she reared a special breed of hens unknown to the rest of France claimed a fourth. Before long, recipes for the omelette de la mère Poulard began to appear in magazines and cookery books. Some of these recipes were very much on the fanciful side. One I have seen even goes so far to suggest she put foie gras into the omelette.”

Finally, David writes, someone saw fit to ask Madame herself for her recipe. “I break some good eggs into a bowl, I beat them well, I put in a good piece of butter in the pan. I throw the eggs into it and I shake it constantly. I am happy, monsieur, if this recipe pleases you.”

– Les Nuls – Omelette:

– Hamlet, William Shakespeare: (All the eggs are broken at the end).

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