Wishing a safe journey to the yellow vests

Wishing a safe journey to the yellow vests

The movement began because many people were outraged by the sharp rise in fuel prices. Let’s welcome their first popular success on Saturday, November 17, 2018 when they blocked access to supermarkets.

Do you think they will turn to other less dangerous means of action such as boycotting these same consumer temples? Behind industrial products are the powerful people who finance this “representative democracy”, which decides for the French in the interests of the richest, the oligarchy.

Of course, success is as dangerous as failure. If successful, they will be joined and taken over by the parties, unions and lobbies on all sides that they will have to manage. It is a risk that it is beneficial to take and perhaps they will succeed together and despite everything to manage democratically and in a participatory way this movement that gives a breath of fresh air to French democracy!

It is not for the future to tell us. It is up to the citizens to make the future. To take back their country.

The movement of yellow vests can lead to so many different results: something good, something bad or both. No one can say today.

However, there is hope. The hope that participants will develop a taste for organizing actions in a participatory and democratic way. To find the path of personal initiative that leads to collective action, and not the other way around. After that, there is only one step, certainly a difficult one, towards the implementation of the same process for the drafting of laws by popular initiative.

Let us hope that this will lead to a more direct democracy.

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