Work (1915) – Charlie Chaplin :

Moving Picture World synopsis

Charles Chaplin, assistant to a paperhanger, is called with his boss to decorate a beautiful home. The boss makes him haul the wagon with all the paraphernalia upon the top of which he rides. Chaplin, dragging the wagon with difficulty, blocks traffic, bumps into a streetcar, falls down a manhole and beats up a policeman, among other mishaps. Arriving at the house, they proceed leisurely to work, while the master of the house is clamoring for his breakfast. They daub the rooms indiscriminately with paste and nearly wreck the place. Finally Chaplin is called to the kitchen to fix a stove which insists on exploding with malicious regularity. He drops the scaffold on which the boss is standing, spilling him on the floor. The boss accumulates a bucket of paste in the tumble, which sticks to his head, Chaplin succeeds in lighting the gas, accepts the grateful thanks of the family and is about to gracefully retire when there is another blast, shooting him out of the room. A flirt comes to call on the lady of the house and is discovered by the husband, who pursues him all over the house, shooting his revolver. A bullet goes through the floor and hits Chaplin. Both he and his boss are drawn into the mix-up and hurl paste. Finally they all rush down stairs just as the stove blows up completely. The walls of the kitchen are blown out and everybody is buried in the debris, Chaplin opens the door of the stove which has fallen over his head, and comes out smiling.

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