Is that a yack? The Lama scene

Is that a yack? The Lama scene
That’s the title the editor gave to one of The Aviator’s most brillant scenes

What are the comments about it?

Some are angry,
How can you not know how to spell lLama
While it is shown in the movie,
without realizing yack is not spelt right either.

Many just remind that the spelling is not right.

The vast majority doesn’t make a fuss about it.

Why is spelling so important?
Those who complain,
All admit understanding what was written.
Why do they want spelling to stop evolving?

A language is not dead
When it evolves.
How many friends of mine did not manage
to learn a foreign language
Because they were too scared to challenge its spelling or its grammar.
Please, do change our language
So our language will go on being alive.

I am not a native English speaker
But English is part of my life.
It has become my language
as well as a family changes
when a bride comes in.
It is its beauty that it is spoken by foreigners.
English wouldn’t be English
If it was spoken by native-speakers only
Or by people who do not accept change.

Change is here,
Foreigners keep speaking English
And it is an honour.
The strength that English has
To bind people from everywhere
To speak together
It is its beauty.

Like the vast majority,
Bring people together,
Stop annoying those who do not master some rules,
Include those who can give you so much.

Aurianne Or

Aurianne Or by Aurianne Or is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0