The best way to learn everyday French every day

Don’t think, don’t try to understand, 

Just watch.

Un gars Une fille – The best way to learn everyday French every day:

Un gars une fille – one episode a day (6 min):


Apprendre le français avec TV5 Monde :

The Anki App to make flashcards to learn vocabulary and complete sentences –  Use it daily: 

Use Deepl or Larousse to translate what you do not understand, then put these words / sentences in an Anki flashcard to learn them: and

Why Scandinavians speak exceptional English – The polyglot dream:

The Scandinavian Countries: Why Are They So Good At Speaking English?:,acquisition%20of%20foreign%20language%20skills

Aurianne Or by Aurianne Or is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0