Restaurant on a platter

Restaurant on a platter

I went to the restaurant

With my two darlings.
It was 6:45 pm,
We waited in the rain.

Sesame, open up .. Please, come on!
The palace of flavours opened its doors at 7pm sharp,
Not a second before.

Overwhelmed servers;
no way to order, 
must say that they are stupid or what?
I can see only two of them!

Come on my darlings, we’re leaving!

I know, …, you want a dessert,
But then they took 45 minutes
just to bring the menu
and it’s been 20 minutes that we sign the waitress to take our order.
You do not understand … It’s normal … My little darlings, you’re too young …
We’ll take the chocolate cake but
Elsewhere ….

Second restaurant,
“We do not serve desserts only, you have to order a dish first;
otherwise, we do not serve you. ”
That’s right, it’s the golden rule, my mistake.
Mea culpa.

Third restaurant, the next day,
We arrived at 11:55;
only 5 minutes to crane
with the little ones,
on a narrow sidewalk
to watch through the panel windows
the staff quietly eating their meals
and surrounded by empty tables.
AND, aren’t we even entitled to a table with a glass of water?

Do not move children!
Are we playing statues? No, you do not want to?
Once our buttocks warm, we wait 30 minutes for the menu …
Not even water on the table.
That’s enough,
We disembark this shipwreck.

In the evening … Like chewy meat, I keep on my promise to the kids. 
McDonald’s is NOT an option.
We arrive at 18:58, phew! 
Only two minutes ahead of time but the little ones have fangs.
“When do we eat?”
And again, another 40 minutes 
just for the menu.

Fourth restaurant, No way… 
At 1pm they have nothing to eat … ??? !!!

Fortunately I have great strawberries at home and even polenta!
It’s a great party!
In addition, even if I am rich, I am tired of being treated like cattle. 
I prefer to cook, 
it’s more rewarding.

But still, I’m stubborn and want to see my home country succeed at least once.
Fifth restaurant … At 6:40 pm, I ask:
“Can we eat?”
“Yes Yes. Restaurant, here to eat”, said the waitress of the Chinese restaurant as if I was fat stupid … 
At last, we can eat!  
Party Time!

I thought there was an economic crisis here!
Tourism is a big industry, why refrain it?
What is going on?
Why are the restaurants all behaving likewise and the waiters all walking at the same martial pace, breathing stress all the way? 
The chi-kong, 
that must work well …

All these laws, all these rules, all these traditions,
Don’t you think they should be revisited?
What about a direct democracy, 
in my country, AND  very quickly! 
And also in each country!

What about universal basic income for more freedom and more intelligence and more diversity to the economy of my country! Of each country! More freedom for employers, more security for everyone, less stress and more opportunity to take risks.

Let’s defend our values, do not let us trample any more. Chatting in your living room with friends is not enough anymore. Let’s think about how to move and change things effectively.
Let’s write, make images, re-tweet / blog / publish … on the internet … on what we like… Let’s document ourselves with quality information (reliable sources, documented, with scientific evidence, studies and figures); Let us take inspiration from recent revolutions (Arab Spring, etc.) and accept the support of the strong ones who are ready to help us such as the UN and the Red Cross. Let’s visit countries that practice direct or functioning democracies, copy their good ideas and participate in the debates that will create tomorrow (Future of work, Universal Basic Income, Tomorrow movie, Ciné ONU).

Turn the page

Otherwise, we will be eaten …

When everyone is afraid and under pressure, it develops everyone for themselves, aggressiveness and irrationality.The universal basic income is for everyone. No need to categorize people, no paperwork….. Just the freedom to take time to train oneself, to receive according to one’s needs and to work more efficiently… according to one’s means… Recognising informal work which currently represents 60% of workers, why not pay them like the 40 others…; to be part of society, to improve it, to have the opportunity to think of what is best for everyone and to vote accordingly.

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More than 60 per cent of the world’s employed population are in the informal economy:–en/index.htm

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